Monday, April 17, 2017

The 3rd Bedroom.


So last October we repainted the inside of our home (with the exceptions of the bedrooms). Everything is open plan and so it honestly feels like one giant space. Before we moved in, we had painted Nash's room, and we were fine with the color of our room (its kinda like periwinkle). However, both hall baths, the 3rd bedroom, the living room, the hall, the kitchen, dining, and family room were all this pinkish brown paint.

I knew I didnt love it when we moved in, but as everyone kept telling me, it wasnt that bad and it was already done. So i lived with it for 2 years. Over the weekend of our anniversary, the plans we had to go out of town fell through, so we used those 2 days to completely dismantle our home and paint. Nash was half hating that we weren't paying attention to him, and half loving the freedom he had. Lol.



Living room:

Laundry Room:

Nash's bathroom:

Dining Room:

Family Room:


Living Room:


Laundry Room (Same color in Nash's bath):

I obviously was so tired and scatter brained that I didnt take pictures of every room. But you get the idea!! As I change things up more I'm sure I'll do more posts on the rooms!

I chose a great neutral color called burnished clay from behr that I picked up at Home Depot. Jace wasn't so sure about it, but by the time it dried we both fell in love. It completely brightened up our home (which it needed!! everything was so monochromatic and dark and a little depressing). I also picked out a bright and cheery blue for my laundry room and Nash's bathroom. When Jace saw the laundry room for the first time he said, "hey! i actually want to spend time in here!" Since we were "going for it", I took the time to paint our front and back door a beautiful Navy blue. The doors are weird, they have metal casings on the front and back of them that makes painting them tricky. I did 2-3 coats, and honestly they probably could use another. After doing all that in 2 days....we completely ran out of steam when it came to painting the 3rd bedroom.

I mean, it was a catch all room that we didn't spend any time in, so why bother with it, right?

Well after living with that for another 6 months....I was over it again. ha!!

We had Jace's family coming to our house for Easter, and I decided that was enough motivation to clean out the room, re-organize, and paint.

Jace was able to help some with the painting, but I did all the clearing out, organizing, and of course painting. That room has built in desks and every nook and cranny were painted in that pink brown. It was another 2 days of work, but WOW. what a difference!! I cant believe that we actually have a functioning room!! I can get to every single thing, all of Jace's guitars are up off the ground, my books have a home. I actually have kept that bedroom door open for the last 5 days, I just love looking at it!!

Someday, we will get carpet installed in it (since hopefully it will become another child's room), but until then, I am happy with the result! The closet is the only space in the whole house where that old paint color resides. Hooray!!

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