Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Week 1

So I've been on this new diet and med schedule for 7 days now.

Thoughts on it.

At first I was afraid....i was petrified. HA! But seriously.

There is nothing worse than someone saying "lose weight" and not giving you any direction or help in that regard. Its way worse when its a doctor who is supposed to be helping you.

I have messed up hormones and i'm basically insulin resistant. If you want to know what insulin resistance is here is a link.

((The interesting thing about all of my conditions is that they all started or activated when I got married. How weird is that?!))

Anyways, doctors wont officially say i have insulin resistance, but they treat me like I do. And insulin resistance causes me to gain weight and have it be a complete BEAR to get rid of.

No one has ever really helped me with my diet and how it would work with my pre-existing conditions (PCOS, IR, and High Blood Pressure). I felt so lost and overwhelmed and I tend to panic. I can thank my anxiety for that.

This is my second endocrinologist that I have been to. She gave me some perimeters of where she wants my eating, wants me to exercise 3 days a week minimum, do intermittent fasting (not widely done, but has been tested on insulin resistant patients and seems to help), as well as taking my medication.

I just completed week one.

I'm on my period and i wanted all the chocolate and didnt want to move because of cramping. It was really hard at first because I felt like I couldnt eat anything. I all of the sudden was viewing food as an enemy....which isnt healthy. I took me until yesterday, but I think I'm finally starting to figure this out. I ate out at Applebees yesterday. I ate half of my meal (and was full!) and it still fit into all of my categories!! My carbs, my calories, my sugars, my fats! I realized that I still could have good food, even with a restrictive diet. I even got to eat my leftovers for lunch today!

My water intake probably hasnt been this high since I was pregnant either. I have been dehydrating myself for a long time.

And I'm down 3 pounds.

:) Hoping to keep it up!!

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