Monday, April 10, 2017

Customer Service

Is customer service dead?

My mom and I bought the proform hybrid trainer pro off their website a few weeks ago. Chris and Heidi Powell (trainers from extreme weight loss) endorse it. I read reviews of the bike/elliptical machine and I was sold! for less than $1000 i could have 2 work out machines!

Jace and I are trying to get alot healthier. In general, but I'm hoping to get pregnant and I need to be in better shape before that can happen.

I have a bad knee and this machine fit into the category that I needed it to!

We ordered. It finally came. My machine was BROKEN. and missing a part anyways. ::crying::

After talking online to the representative, he had me call to get a replacement. I called that number and they were closed. Then they are closed Saturdays and Sundays. I finally got through and she was sending me a new machine. I now was responsible for the old machine. ((i have to throw away their garbage for them, awesome))

My moms was broken as well, but it was cosmetic, and not worth the hassle of trying to get it repaired. Jace and I spent 2 hours putting hers together for her.

Our new machine finally came. Since Jace and I put together my moms, it went alot faster. However, still just over an hour. We plugged it in and....ITS BROKEN. Not lying. The machine is making a horrible clicking noise as soon as it has power and the pedals have major resistance.

I chatted online with a representative (they want you to start there first) and he said he couldnt help me. So i called the number from before. I had to wait for 20 minutes and then the guy made me put the batteries in my machine and hold the phone to it to prove that it was making noise. He put me on hold twice trying to figure it out.

My options were to disassemble it, try to repackage it, and send it in for a refund OR they would send a part and a tech to fix it whenever the part showed up. Thats it. Those were my two options.

I expressed my disappointment with the product, and the fact that 3 machines were bought and ALL were faulty. His response was "it is inconvenient, yes".

I worked in retail, and so I know that he has no real power, but where is the compassion? What happened to customers being right and wanting to make them happy? So, is customer service dead?

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