Thursday, January 30, 2014


Jace is a tosser in his sleep.

Something his family (and jace himself) didn't tell me about until we were already engaged and about to be married.
real nice family. reeeeeeaaaaaalllll nice. (just kidding...sort of)

However, almost during our entire first year of marriage, I never once experienced Jace and his restlessness.

And then. It started.

Nothing huge. As was described to me, Jace used to "Rock and Roll"...he would bump furniture in the night and keep people awake. Not the case. No, this was mild in comparison, but equally annoying.

He shakes his legs. And in turn shakes the bed. And it drives me nuts, but if I put my leg over his-- he stops.


We have a king sized bed. It has always been more than big enough for us (me the shrimp and my husband the giant). Then my belly ballooned out and I started propping myself up with pillows on either side of my body. I don't know if Jace is subconsciously mad at the space separating us, or hes subconsciously nervous about the impending arrival of our sweet boy.

WHATEVER it is...Jace has started "lashing out". There was a full week, right around Christmas time, where I was waking up every half hour by getting hit in the face by my husbands arm/hand/elbow. I went into work with a BLACK EYE people!!!

It comes and goes, his weird flailing of arms. But last night was horrible. His elbow came down directly on my eyeball. HARD. I woke up almost in complete tears, he mumbled something about what was wrong?, I told him he hurt me by hitting me in the face, he mumbled sorry, and started snoring again. An hour later, I woke up to his elbow digging into my back. I moved it. An hour after that his elbow came down hard again, but on my arm...making me ache. I said out loud, "you did it again!" and Jace replied with "whatever it was your arm."

I woke up for good this morning to get ready for work only to have my entire left side of my face just hurt. My eye probably has the makings of another shiner.

What the heck Jace?! If this is how you are going to act when I'm pregnant--we may need 2 separate beds. Cause dude. This isn't cool. You're beating your pregnant wife. Not a good look on you or me.

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