Monday, January 13, 2014


I feel like all I'm doing lately is WAITING.

Waiting...for Jace to get that promotion he's been working so hard for.

Waiting...until my baby shower next month!

Waiting...until I get to stop working at the end of March!

Waiting...for this little man to make his arrival (which I can definitely wait until hes ready!) see what he'll look like. see how I am as a mother. (I'm slightly terrified because I've been wanting this for so long--what if i'm horrible at it!??!)

Waiting. Waiting. and more Waiting.

I shouldnt complain. Jace and I both have good jobs at the moment. We have a lovely place we call home. We have the gospel of Jesus Christ. We have good families that are super supportive (and close by!) And after 3+ years of trying to have a baby, we have our little boy that will be with us in just 3 months!!! We have so much to be grateful for!!...and then there is the waiting!
Ah! Its killing me.

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