Thursday, January 23, 2014

Heart attack and Hearty laugh

So I have been all over the place emotionally this past week or so.

I was so active and little man wasnt moving I'm pretty sure I went 2 days without feeling anything. Hence, the heart attack. I asked my husband, brother, and dad to give me a blessing. I was comforted in the reminder that this is the path my Heavenly Father wants me to go down and that I would in fact, deliver a healthy baby. Just what I needed.

Also, because of my roller coaster emotions, its been hard to "have fun".

My brother Jeff is going to start working with our older brother through the state. However he needed to get set up through a company so he came to mine. Well, by law we are required to do reference checks on all employees (even if they are family!).
My boss decided to do his since I am Jeff's sister. All I hear from his office is laughter (which i though was weird). He then comes out and says, "The last guy i spoke to said that the only thing bad about Jeff he could say was that he was short!"

Leave it to my brother's good friend Brint to get my whole office laughing today. Thanks Brint!

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