Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I've always been an emotional person.
Not in the sense of breaking into tears to get what I want, or throwing a hissy fit when something doesnt go my way.
I've always tried to be super sensitive and understanding to others.
Which has been both a great blessing and a bit of a curse.
Because I'm like this and care so deeply about others, I have gotten my feelings hurt when others dont repsond the same way.
My husband's brain isnt wired that way. Its been a struggle in our marriage. Me not having too high of expectations, and him working hard to think about my feelings.
Like in all things, we have truiumphs and failures.
Since I've been pregnant, I have felt really good about the fact that I have not let my emotions get the better of me (for the most part). I have not ONCE been a weepy mess because I have gotten my feelings hurt...or because Jace didnt do the dishes, or because I saw a really pretty butterfly. (I normally just get irrationally angry when there is a stupid driver around or a dumb comercial...)
That is until last night.
I was feeling needy and needed comfort. Comfort that was not given. Then because I was upset, harsh words were spoken to and from me and I fell into what I'm going to call "disrepair". It was awful. It also continued through today. My feelings had not healed from the night before and then like a wound opening back up just as its about to heal, my feelings plummetted. I was quite literally broken hearted.
I know that this was all escalated by the fact that I have lots of hormones bouncing around.
Doesnt change the fact that I just had a 2 day melt down and am sitting at work with red, puffy eyes and a fake smile on my face. Oh joy.

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