Friday, August 9, 2013


Normally when my co-workers ask me if I have anything fun planned for the weekend, my answer is generally no. Or not that i know of!

Its been a weird week. My co-worker Alyssa was super sick for the first couple of days, came in Wednesday and told us she needed a kidney and pancreas transplant (she has diabetes) and her parents are making her quit. (today is her last day and I'm so sad!)

I got sick Wednesday (guess that's what happens when you work with kids!) and stayed home from work on Thursday.

Got to work today late, so i didn't take lunch to make up for it. Then i remembered that I'm needing to babysit Randy so my parents and Joe can go out to eat to celebrate birthdays/Joe's graduation. Ha ha, totally almost forgot all about that.

AND my mom reminded me that my whole family is going to a Diamondbacks game tomorrow (my first one of this season!)--Joe wants to make sure he goes to at least one with the whole family before he leaves on his mission!

So...even though its not all going to be super exciting, i actually have set plans for the weekend. Which is rare!!

Happy Friday everybody...I only have to stay at work for another 6 minutes! Hallelujah!

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