Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Our Journey Part 20

Wow. I never thought that I would be on part 20 of this story...
2 weeks of waiting...is kind of the worst. thing. EVER.
I dont know why, but I'm like, the most impatient person on the planet.
You know those dogs who learn to sit with a treat on their nose until their owner s
ays they can have it?
I dont have that kind of patience (or self control...lets be honest here!)
It has been nice to have this new job...it definitely keeps my mind occupied.
It I was still working at the jewelry store, I'd be having WAY too much down time and WAY too much time thinking about if I am pregnant or what it would mean for me if I wasnt.
So, my 2 weeks is almost up...and I start having these HORRIBLE migraines and dizzy spells. I thought they were maybe because i was dehydrated or something, but I have been downing water like no ones business and it doenst help.
I also was super nauseous for the last few days and havent eaten much of anything.
However, while these "might be signs"...I'm really sick of people telling me, "Oh! You're totally pregnant!"--I'm sick of getting my hopes up. Trust me people, its not as easy as that for me. I'm on TONS of medication that could be doing this to me.
I went in this morning before work for my blood test.
7 AM is too early for a Doctors appointment. (just FYI)
And now...I wait for that phone call.
That stupid phone call that has the ability to make me cry with 2 words.
2 words that I have grown to HATE coming over the phone...
(i'm sorry--in case you were wondering. no one starts good news with i'm sorry)
However...i'm trying to remain positive. And happy.
As best as I can until that phone call comes.


  1. Best wishes!!! I got migraines when I was pregnant with Carson (Buckwheat). I hope this is it!


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