Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Lately I have been feeling...restless.

I have this ITCH to go SOMEWHERE. or DO something!

It doesnt have to be long or very far away even...but just somewhere.

I'm having a hard time concentrating at work...

My days while full...is full of the same, monotonus work.

::Email support coordinators. When they dont return your email, call support coordinators. When they dont return your call, call their supervisor, thus in turn getting the support coordinator super mad at you.::
::Email remaining hours to the families. Answer angry/misunderstanding from parents. ::
::Email notes and strategies that you have spent hours writing to the provider, only to have them ignore and not fill them out. Spend every other day emailing/calling to try and get caught up on paperwork to send in to the state so they dont get on your case.::
::Go to consumers homes for intakes, quarterly visits, and annual meeting with family and support coordinators--spend alot of time driving.::

The end. You guys. This is EVERYDAY. I love my job! Its good pay, good hours, close to home, and with good people. But I definitly am "over" the monotony!!!

I'm not sleeping well at night (lately especially)...my mind just wanders all over the place!

What are your cures for restlessness?? I need some advice!

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  1. Get out of town!!! Even if just for one day, it'll help give you some relief from the monotony! Change it up for one day and go somewhere just to be spontaneous :)


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