Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Our Journey Part 18

Because last month was our FOURTH iui our Dr. wanted to do something extreme and different for this next month of trying.

Normally on day 3 of my period, i go in for an ultrasound and they start me on femara. we've also added hormone shots like on days 4-8, and then again on 10. last month it was days 4-7, 9, and 10. and then of course i go in on day 10 to have another ultrasound to see if my follicles have grown correctly.

Well. This month he wanted me to start my femara and hormone shot on day 2. BEFORE i even went in for my ultrasound. AND hes upped the dosage of my hormone AGAIN. When we went in on day 3 for my ultrasound, i told the tech that i already had started my medicine...she made the comment, "WOW. hes really wanting to work your ovaries this month." 

Darn freaking right. Its month 6 of crazy medicine and procedures. 

Day 2 I had also just started my new job...day 4 was my husbands birthday.

The medicine (my ultra crazy juice) combined with the stress of this new job completely took me over.

And I kind of ruined Jace's birthday. I was sobbing uncontrollably, telling him he could celebrate without me doing whatever he wanted. I mean...people. I WAS A FREAKING MESS. It was bad.

And i felt SOOOOOOOO bad. So to make up for it, we went and picked out one of his presents (handpicking tools...the smell of home depot...jace jumping from aisle to aisle) then we went and got really yummy Mexican food at mattas and played some Wii. Also, i offered to rub his feet for as long as he wanted. I must have been DRAINED because after a half hour he woke me laughing. His foot was still in my hands and i was PASSED out.

Since then, i've worked as hard as I could to not freak out like i did that day. I have been super stressed, super emotional, and super exhausted. So far I think I'm doing pretty good--all things considering!

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