Monday, August 12, 2013


I had a freak out today.

An internal freak out though, so i didnt bother anyone else.

But dude. I sure can stress myself out!

On another note,

 Jace was just told that they are transferring him to a different store tomorrow. Today is his last day at the Chandler Mall branch. Hes sad because hes been there 2 years (next month) and they didnt even mention it in their morning meeting that he is leaving. No one seems to care and thats sad!

However, it will be a good move we think. Its a little bit closer to home (not much), their numbers are pretty good, and the whole reason they are moving him over is because they only have 1 full time banker and its a brand spanking new Manager. They needed someone who knew the ropes and could help the branch function. This will give Jace a much better opportunity to hit all of his numbers (way less competition--banker wise) and if he gets along well with the new manager he might be able to get a recommendation for a promotion that he wants! Exciting!

Also, can we please mention the fact that my baby brother leaves for his mission in 2 months exactly? ::insert mini freak out here::

work is SO slow today! my friend and co-worker got really sick and had to quit. Friday was her last day and i'm so sad!! I dont have anyone to talk to, to help pass the time during slow days. boo.

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