Wednesday, August 29, 2012

yesterday i died.

So Jace and I went to a Dbacks game Monday night...he won tickets at work and our seats were in the WF Suite! Yeah, it was PRETTY SWEET. Dude. 

Jace's favorite part? Free food and drinks just sitting there begging us to eat them.

Now, we have been pretty good when it comes to eating, seeing as we are trying to lose poundage and be healthy...but hotdogs, nachos, chicken fingers, and soda AT A BASEBALL GAME...they were calling OUR names.

However...we got home that night and died. Literal deaths. We were so so so so sick. I dont know if it was the food itself, or because our bodies werent used to such JUNK anymore, but man alive. We were dead.

I couldnt go into work. I was kneeling over a toilet for the better part of a day.

But heres the kicker.
My calling in church is the Relief Society Night Coordinator...and the RS night that i've been planning for 3 MONTHS was last night. And we lost half of our committee last week. No joke.

So Jace and I braved the outside world with SPRITE and SALTINES to fit into our "S" Night. "SOUPS, SALADS, and SWEETS with SISTERS in SWEATS doing SERVICE."

I was so STRESSED! (another S for you)

But even though i was SICK, my SISTERS and SUPERMOM came in and helped SAVE the day! My mom made banana bread for me as well as clam chowder as well as letting me borrow a billion things. Melanie made SUPER yummy gooey bars, and Mindy made a SALAD. 

All in all, I was happy and SURPRISED. 

As i've been announcing this for the past month and trying to get people to SIGN up...the response has not been great. But we had about 45 people come...and that was about 15 more than the last one in April. As well as most everyone brought their assignment for food. (but i was still extremely lucky and grateful for mom, melanie, and mindy because we went through food like crazy and the extra that they brought was needed!)

I tend to go overboard with planning, and i also tend to take it all on myself even though i'm SUPPOSED to delegate. I even hand colored 100 handouts and designed my own "I SERVE!" STICKER with a SISTER in a SWEATSUIT. I'm crazy like that.

But when all was SAID and turned out great. I have a fantastic husband who luckily was SICK as well and helped drag his SICK wife around town to pick up all the extra STUFF, and then helped me decorate the cultural hall. And my MOM and SISTERS helped SAVE my SANITY.

Thank goodness yesterday is over. I'm STILL SICK, but not as bad...and my STRESS level is almost zero today.

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