Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Too much...privacy?

(say privacy, but in a english accent...and thats how i said it while typing it...just fyi)

Do i go back to being a public blog? I had to go private initially because of a lawsuit...and then i kept it private because i thought maybe it was a good idea.

But the thing is, new posts never show up for private blogs and ive had a lot of people "complain" that they were missing out because they never knew those posts had existed! I mean my cousin hadnt looked at my blog in months because new posts werent showing on her side bar.

So. Back to my question. Do i change my privacy settings? We dont have kids, and honestly i dont think i post anything that i would be embarrassed about a larger audience reading.

Input! Help!

oh. also, today's high was 117 degrees. my car registered at 125 degrees. the summer finally smacked me in the face. with a vengeance.


  1. LAWSUIT?! Scary business!! I'd say go back to public, but only for my convenience, haha! I check your blog either way, but then if it's private, I'll know exactly what's going on ;)

  2. I'm so DUMB. I MEANT, "if it's PUBLIC, I'll know exactly what's going on." Not private. Duh.

  3. I rarely check private blogs. I used to check them all every day, but then I started doing most blogging on my phone and checking private blogs isn't very easy. I just went to one private blog I read and noticed that she gave birth and her child is now three months old. Yeah, so it had been a while since I read her blog. So I would definitely say go public. But if you don't feel safe, keep it private, and I will try to remember to check it more often.

  4. I am horrible.. I forget to check the private blogs, no matter how much I love you.

    what lawsuit!?


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