Saturday, August 11, 2012

News and Lameness


#1. JACE GOT THE PROMOTION HE INTERVIEWED FOR!!!! His manager told him yesterday, and said she was very impressed with him and that he definitely exceeded her expectations. (that last part was kinda mean...i thought so anyways). Do you guys know what this means for us?! Jace will have almost a 50% pay increase. We are in desperate need of that!! Our goal for this next year is to be able to pay down almost (if not all) of our credit card debt, AND put a good chunk of money into our baby fund. BECAUSE of his new position we get to switch our insurance plan, WHICH means as soon as we have a good foundation for our baby fund WE CAN GO IN TO START TREATMENT TO GET PREGNANT! Also, for full time employees, Wells Fargo will match up to $5,000 for schooling which means that Jace will FINALLY start school in the Spring!!! Praises.

I want to thank everyone who prayed, fasted, & thought good thoughts for us in the last few weeks/months. It means so much to us to have family and friends willing to do that and more importantly who are just there for us.

#2. Our niece Grace started KINDERGARTEN this week, my BABY brother Joe started his SENIOR year, our nephew Corbin will start PRESCHOOL, and our niece Jane started CRAWLING! You guys! There is some major craziness happening in our family right now!

#3. Jace's parents are on their mission in South Dakota and LOVING it! They are doing so good, and they are helping so many! They were set to come home in October in some time, but we think they are going to extend for another 6 months! We are excited for them to continue their mission.

#4. We are on day 10 of our workout. Everyday we feel like we are dying. LOL. We weigh in for the first time tomorrow. We'll see how we've done with our "diet" and exercise so far.


This blog is still private. I am able to check the stats of how many times this blog has been viewed. I had 26 views yesterday and only ONE person give input on whether i should switch to public! Lame. But a shout out to Rachel who commented, thanks Rach!

And for everyone else, i wasn't kidding! I need your input! :)

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  1. Are they serving in the Rapid City South Dakota Mission?! That mission covers our area in North Dakota as well!


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