Monday, November 21, 2016


This kid is KILLING me with the things that he says!!

I try to write them down so I dont forget, but life is crazy and that seems pretty impossible.

I have managed to get a few things lately. So for your enjoyment: Nashisms Fall 2016

"No momma no! No snowman!!"--seeing blowups in the store. they terrify him. he is in trouble, because his papa LOVES blowups. Christmas at gammas and papas is gonna not go over well!

Nash disappeared for about 5 minutes and returned. I asked him what he was doing and he replied "playing pooping". I brought his booty up to my nose. "Playing pooping" means "poopin'"

I was working in the kitchen and Nash comes up to me and and grabs his diaper and says, "my bottom is bubbling." Apparently that is the sensation when you pee in a diaper.

Nash was punching and hitting jace and I a few weeks ago. We asked why are you doing that but he didnt answer us. Super frustrating. After he did it again to me one morning i asked, "what are you doing?" His reply? "I'm playing batman". Jace had been playing his batman game and nash was watching batman hit and punch the bad guys. :(

Along those same lines, Jace will play his star wars video game and nash likes to watch. He calls it "trouble". He especially loves darth vader. Dont know why, but i frequently see him running around with his bat (pretending its a light saber) and making the darth vader breathing sound.

Yesterday Nash grabbed one of my picture easels and was pretending it was a gun (no idea where he would have seen that). I was in the bathroom and he came running in, looked at me and whispered "trouble momma. dont worry", and took off running like he was going to solve some problems!

Everytime Nash sees lights or Christmas trees he yells "Christmas!!!!"

He has learned the song Happy Birthday and Jingle Bells and can sing them on his own!!

I went to get him up in the morning the other day and he said "finally momma! i'm trapped!" (hes still in a crib)

His very favorite show is Rescue Bots and he makes believe with his toys and plays rescue bots ALL DAY EVERY DAY. The other day he was "taking a nap" and I heard him say, "Dont worry boulder, I got you!! and Oh no Cody, be careful!!"

He loves his stuffed kitty and takes him everywhere. Its always been named "kitty" though. Then he realized Rescue Bots had a white kitty on the show. Now our kitty is named "Mr. PeddyPaws." No exceptions.

I'm sure there is more. He cracks me up every day. I love this kid.

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