Friday, November 11, 2016


Today was a long day...on the tail end of a very long week.

It was kind of a recipe for disaster. Complete grumpiness on my part.

I havent been sleeping since Nash has been sick and he hasnt been sleeping.

I didnt know it at the time, but I was fighting that same illness.

Jace wasnt home much with work.

My brother is still in the hospital (6.5 weeks!)

And I am BUSY with work.

I had a very early newborn shoot, with one right after, with a hair appointment right after that and then a 2 hour break and then a maternity shoot tonight.

I love doing newborn sessions. I love to snuggle and hug those little babies, and give moms a little break :) I love how the pictures come out. But they are pretty physically taxing on me. Lots of up and down, and weird angles and the HEAT from a space heater!

In my "down time" waiting to go to the maternity shoot, i realized I was in a BAD mood. I was grumpy and tired, and angry. I have no idea what I was angry about even! I left in a bad way.

While in the car, I prayed to my Heavenly Father. I asked him to help me feel better, and to have a better attitude. I asked him to help me be inspired so i could deliver a great session for these soon to be parents.

And you know what?

Literally as soon as I stepped out of my car...the weight fell off. The negativity, the anger, the tiredness even. I physically felt my spirit be lifted. And I wanted to cry.

I have such gratitude to my Heavenly Father for listening to my prayers. Its such a wonderful reminder that He is so mindful of us--all of us. Even for silly things like to be in a better mood :)

Here is a picture from the shoot tonight...I love it because its now a reminder of Heavenly Fathers love for us all.

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