Monday, November 14, 2016

Enough is enough!! List day.

So there are a few things going on that I've had ENOUGH of!!

1. The heat. Enough Arizona. Let some cooler temps come in. My AC is still kicking on way more than it should and we are all sleeping with fans on!!

2. Nash's nighttime milk. I know, I know. Hes almost 3 and he still has been getting milk to go to bed. He is a horrible eater and I wanted to know that he had a full tummy to go to sleep. But I'm done! I'm sick of the whining for more milk, and I'm REALLY sick of the sour milk that I have to clean out every day.

3. Nash's 2.5-3 year old attitude right now. He is mostly a sweet kid. Honestly. I've worked really hard to have him be polite and he is always really cute with other people. But right now, he is disobeying, and not listening, and the worst--ORDERING me around. Today he came in and said, "momma get me apple juice NOW and some candy." When I looked at him at said, "I'm sorry, was that how you talk to your momma? Go sit on the couch and when you are ready to be polite then you can come talk to me again"...he looked at me like, what just happened?!

4. My dirty house. It doesn't matter how many hours I spend doing laundry, doing dishes, picking up toys--it is ALWAYS  mess!! How do i get this to change!?!?

5. My boobs. Ha. I know that's a weird thing, but seriously. They got so big after Nash was born and didn't go back down much. And because of that my back is crazy messed up. :(

6. Sickness. Its going around to everyone I know. Nash has been sick for over a week, I have been sick now for a week, and over the weekend Jace got sick. Let us just stinking be healthy!!

7. My brother being in the hospital. Hes been there 7 weeks. Most of that was in ICU. It is looking like they will be sending him home this week. But hes still not out of the woods. He'll be coming home on a ventilator and of course he has a trach now.

8. Money. I hate money. I hate that we need it, I hate how hard we have to work for it, and how fast it seems to go! I hate bills and debt and just want to be free of that crushing feeling!

9. Construction. make me so frustrated with your 24/7/365 construction. enough.

10. I hate that the election garbage is still being talked about. I seriously hate Hilary Clinton and so I'm extremely grateful she didn't win the election. My gosh though!! These liberal babies who are rioting and causing trouble, who are walking out of classes, staging protests, and crying a week later...ENOUGH. Seriously enough. When Obama won his first election I was disheartened. But moved on. When he won his second term....I was devastated. Honestly. I questioned the sanity of the people of our country--just like alot are doing now since Donald Trump is our President Elect. But you know what I DIDN'T DO?? I didn't cause a scene. If I cried, I cried that first night, and guess what I did then? I MOVED ON--and I didn't record it and post it to the internet for everyone to see. Seriously people....let us move on. Stop being the self entitled ninnies that you are being about this and grow up and move on. And if I hear another celebrity talking about how extraordinary Hilary is, and how its because she is a woman that she didn't win, and then threatening to move from the country--I will vomit. All over the place. It is what it is. ((and no, i dont think all liberals or all who voted for hilary to be ninnies or whatever. i do think the people who did vote for her and are making a scene are the ninnies. fyi))

Okay. Vent list day is over! :)

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