Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Nash is 2!!

My baby is two. TWO!! How did that happen??!!!!?!?!??? How did I let that happen!??!?!

Nash is so fun. This is a hard age for sure, because he WANTS to be independent with alot of things, but he's still too small so he needs help...which he DOESNT WANT. Ha! Its a battle everyday.

But on the other hand, he makes me laugh so much. He talks so well and is saying full sentences. He quotes his favorite parts of shows and movies. He has FAVORITES. I mean, like looking at me like I'm crazy when I suggest something else! He loves to explore, which causes me to get up, out and explore with him. Its been awesome. 

Some Nash facts for you:

Nash still chooses the red and blue colored toys or books over other ones.

He is FREAKING HEAVY AND TALL!!! He is skinny, so all the weight must come from his height.

Nash is wearing some 18 month pants still because hes so skinny, but they are highwaters on him. 24 month onsies and feetsie jammies are getting to be too tight. He wears 2T and 3T tshirts. 

Nash is in size 6 diapers.

Nash officially weaned off bottles in 2 days at the beginning of March. It was basically nothing for him. Now the trick will be to wean him off milk. I was going to, but had enough on my plate and that was a battle that I didnt have time to tackle at that moment.

Nash LOVES the outside. He would live out there if it wasnt: a) 90 degrees already b) so sunny that his super sensitive skin burned so easily and c) both a and b. HA! We do spend a few hours every day over the course of the day outside. He loves to go up the ladder and down the slide by himself 1000xs. He loves to jump on the tramp and chase balls around. He loves bubbles and watching airplanes. He would spend all his time running around grandma and papas yard since the grass is so nice and soft...we'll have to work on ours to get it nicer.

Nash LOVES the water. He LOVES bath time. He pretty much always has except for a few weeks this winter where he literally freaked out anytime the water turned on. It was so weird. But he loves to float and pretend he is a fishy. I took him to the splash pad the week before his birthday and basically he was in heaven. I cant wait for it to warm up my parents pool so we can hang out in the water all the time!! (I might even get tan this year!)

Nash loves all animals. I've yet to have him meet an animal that he doesnt like. However since we dont own any, he is very timid to go up to one. He knows tons of animals and what sounds they make.

Nash loves music. He loves to listen to soft piano as he goes to sleep, and fun dance music while we clean the house. He loves to listen to daddy play "tar" and we now have a piano that does fun beats that he loves to turn on and stomp around to everyday. He has recently started singing along with his favorite songs on his kids app on my phone, or to his favorite shows, or even while we sing songs in the bathtub. He LOVE singing time in nursery.

Speaking of nursery, Nash loves nursery!! He never has a problem without me there (unless he doesnt feel good). It helps alot that our dear friend and "aunt" Renay is his teacher and he just adores her.

Nash is sleeping better, but still wakes up at LEAST once a night. That certainly is getting old, but I think we're growing out of it. His napping is hit and miss. He is a schedule kid. If we get off his routine the naps suffer...which means everyone suffers. 

He LOVES people!! Nash will be the first person to wave and say hi to you. It helps that he is so cute, people cant resist swarming him. 

He is my work buddy. Nash helps me when we are out shopping by picking between 2 things that I like. He also will sit on my lap and help me edit photos for my clients. 

Nash loves his cousin Jane and thinks she is hilarious. We have recently started doing friday play dates with his cousins Alaric and Ryker. I hope they are learning how to all be friends.

Some nash quotes so I dont forget:

"whatcha doo-ning?" (whatcha doing?)

"play nano" (play the piano)

"oh bebe" (oh phoebe)

"oh no. tebbible" (oh no! thats terrible!)

"hi son!"...what he says to jace when jace comes home from work

"um mebby button?" (asking where my belly button is)

"moterkycle!" (motorcycle! his new trike that he got for his birthday)

"Minnie show" (wants to watch the Minnie Bow Show from Mickey mouse clubhouse)

"Soup" (that is the Rocket soup episode in Little Einsteins)

"Goofbot" (there are 2 episodes that have goofbot in them in mickey mouse clubhouse)

"step way, wiggle!" (step this way, step that way, turn and wiggle wiggle wiggle!-donald duck)

"tamp!" (trampoline)

"yadder and yide!" (ladder and slide!)

"here go, here go, now!" (i made up a song to keep him occupied in the car. "here we go, here we go, here we go, now!")

"garsh"--he copies Goofy and then scratches his head with one finger like goofy does too.

....well thats all I can think of right now. He is always talking, and most of the time is adorable and funny.

I'll do a separate post for just pictures from his special day(s). I wanted to do an ode to Nash on here though. 

Nash, you are the light of my life. You are the reason I keep going through it all. I call you my own personal sunshine. You help keep the gray skies at bay. And you do it all, just by being you. By being my son. Which is a miracle. YOU are a miracle. You are MY miracle. The Lord blessed me beyond measure by allowing me to be your earthly mother. The love I have for you overflows. My gratitude to you for what you teach me every day knows no bounds. I love you my sweet man. 
Happy Birthday.
Love, Mommy

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