Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Nash's birthday party and then actual birthday! Picture overload!!

We had a weird circumstance this year that didnt allow us to have nash's party on his actual birthday. My best friend Troy was getting married and Nash was the ring bearer and I was the best maid!! It was totally worth it, but it also meant figuring out what to do. The answer for us, was to do a party on the 17th (St. Patrick's Day). It was spring break so Jeff and Mindy werent there. Kara and Jeff are in Utah. My mom and Randy couldnt come, and it was Joe's softball tournament that night. HA! oh well. We opened presents, ate food and cake, and played outside. It was perfect for my little guy.

I went with a mickey mouse theme. He FREAKING LOVES mickey mouse clubhouse. I cant wait until we get to take him to Disneyland. I reused the paper chains that I made for his 1st birthday (those babies cost me HOURS AND HOURS of my life...so they may get reused EVERY birthday!) and I bought a few twirly decorations from the store. I made Nashs cake...and it was delicious. I made the labels for all the food and tried to go with the theme of "Nash's favorites". 

We had "Plutos Pizza", "Minnie's M&Ms", "Toodles Tray of Fruit", "Donald and Daisy's Dip and Veggies", "Goofy's fishies", "Mickey's cake", our "Mouskatools" (utensils and cups), and our "Say Cheers" section of drinks. 

Nash was spoiled and loves literally every present he received. He plays with them all daily. Which means everyone hit the nail on the head with what this boy loves. He got a vacuum, magnets, clothes, and his first tricycle from me and jace (he LOVES to vacuum!!), he got his first ever basketball hoop from my parents plus new jammies!, He got a cool new hat and baseball and bat from uncles joe and randy, A mickey mouse train and singing mickey mouse stuffed animal from uncle jeff and aunt melanie, cool blocks from aunt jamie and uncle josh, a mickey book from aunt jen and uncle ken, and a light up race car from nana and poppa.

His favorite part of the night was definitely having so many cousins over to play on the swing set with him that night though. :) He then got his first ever hair cut!! He was so good. Nash is great about things that normally you'd think kids would be a pain for. He just sat there and let me cut his hair, not a care in the world! Now he looks the same, just without the rats nest in the back :)



For his actual birthday the next day, I woke him up singing happy birthday which he loved! We got him dressed, fed him cake for lunch, and took him to a splash pad. He was in heaven playing in that water and we had to bribe him to leave. We went home and watched the Good dinosaur...nash lasted 15 minutes longer than I expected (he made it 30 minutes). He refused to nap that day and so we just played and watched his favorite shows until it was time to go to the rehearsal dinner. We went, had yummy food, met great people, and nash was awesome at walking down the aisle with me. :) Then we went home and crawled into bed. I think he had a pretty fun filled day. :)

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  1. Happy Birthday sweet boy!!! Xoxox. So cute!


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