Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Joining the club

Saturday March 19, 2016 at roughly 5 PM, my best friend Troy got married!!

He has been dating Casey for AWHILE now, and I love her, so I wanted that boy to get on the ball and make it offcial!! Well, he finally asked for her hand, and then they spent a handful of months preparing for the beautiful day. 

Troy was my best man at my wedding 6.5 years ago. He has been the guy by my side through everything since i was 13!!! He called and asked if I would be his best maid. Of course I said yes!! Then they asked if Nash would be the ring bearer. OF COURSE YES!!!

The ceremony and reception were held in Troy's parents backyard, that his mother has made into a secret garden. Its very beautiful. Things were relaxed and casual, but still said wedding. Troy's cousin was the officiant, the ceremony started like an hour late, troy mentioned farting in his vows (oh the shame), famous daves catered, and the party commenced!!

I wasnt required to give a toast once the toasting began...but the night before the wedding I had a dream that prompted me to get up there and give a little speech.

You see, Troy and I have always gotten along. We like the same things, we think the same way, our friendship just works. Well, at one point, when we were 14/15 years old...Troy decided to get me the most annoying Christmas gift he could imagine. A screaming rubber chicken from Spencers. That thing got thrown in my closet and I accidentally stepped on it everyday before school, scaring the crap out of me. So, for his birthday 2 years later, I wrapped it up and gave it back to him. For my 21st birthday, Troy painted it like a flamingo and gave it back to me. I have kept that locked away in my cedar chest for 8 years. Surviving my wedding, 5 moves, and a baby. I knew that I needed to save it for something special. And what is more special than a wedding?!?

Troy is threatening to hold on to it until Nash's graduation....haha I dont know if the plastic will hold up that long. Its already been in play for 15 years!

Anyways, because I had my ring bearer baby, I didnt take as many photos as i would have liked. But I did snag a few. Maybe once Casey puts the photos on facebook I'll steal some and put them on this post before I print it out. 

I'm so happy that my best friend found his forever. We really love Casey and think she is the best fit for Troy. And Nash really really loves his uncle troy and aunt casey so much already!! In fact, the first time I met casey was the first time Troy was meeting nash!! Nash was just 6 weeks old. :) We cant wait for them to add in some kiddos so our kids can be best friends...just like me and troy.

**side note** casey got their wedding pictures back and was disappointed in how they looked. she sent me the disc and I edited about 80 of them for her. here are a few that I edited.

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