Sunday, March 27, 2016

Pre-Easter Easter Shenanigans

MMK...picture overload!! Saturday was both families Easter hunts!! We started off with the Hunt's hunt at Josh and Jamie's. Nash was totally confused, but that's okay! The family also did "Easter Egg Roulette" that Jamie saw on Jimmy Fallon. Some eggs were hard boiled, some soft boiled, and some raw and you had to choose one and smash it on your head. I took like 12 minutes of video while also snapping pictures. It was pretty funny.

After Nash's nap, we headed over to my parents house. Grama and Papa got the kids some Easter baskets full of goodies and a clue to go outside and get their eggs!! Each kid had 6 eggs full of fun surprises!! Nash was super cranky the whole time we were out there. He wanted to just run around the yard instead of looking for his eggs. It was super frustrating for me!! lol. After we found the eggs, Jace and I took the kiddos out to let them run around the grass while we blew bubbles in the beautiful weather. It was a FULL day of fun and family! We went home that night and the Easter bunny made his way to our house!! 

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