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Christmas 2015

I'm so behind. Its the end of February and I just realized that I never posted about our Christmas. Its been so busy with my business and sickness between me and nash. I get this blog printed out every year for our family records/my i know it needs to be documented!!


This Christmas was so weird. I had been so sick with back to back sinus infections and Nash had been sick too with colds. Jace was stressed at work. But it was our first Christmas in our new home and by golly we were going to enjoy it.

Jace's parents were going to stay in Utah with their daughter Jen and her family for the holiday. So Jace and I made our plans and arrangements to fit our schedule and include my family in there as well. Out of NOWHERE I got a phone call from my SIL jamie, letting me know that the Utah hunts were all coming down spur of the moment.

Now, if you have been following me for years, or if you know me, you know that Christmas' since I've been married have not been our favorite. One family does what they want when they want to, but gets upset (or has gotten upset) if we happen to not be there. The other family just tries to make it work out that we can see each other. Jace and I also have been trying to start our own family traditions and everything always gets complicated. Basically, normally I stress so much that I make myself sick. Well, this year I was already sick--so it fit that my Christmas was going to be stressful.

I tried to spend extra time with the Hunts (as much as I could with us being sickly), and plan my little family's traditions, as well as make sure we were part of what we had planned with my family.

Christmas Eve we went and had a yummy dinner at the Hunts. We talked and spent time together. Unfortunately since they started later than was planned we didnt get to stay for their annual crepe paper ball.

We then went to my parents celebrated Melanie's birthday, got a special visit from Ann and Pat, and participated in our Christmas program where Jace and I sung a new song that had all of us in tears. The kiddos got to open 2 presents from Grandma and Papa, kids got into their jammies (that were the boy and girl version of each other--that we didnt even plan!!), we discussed Christmas morning and times and went home!!

Nash was up and down all night. It was very miserable for both of us. I went to our orange tree and picked 3 gallons worth of oranges and juiced them until 12:30 am. Santa finished setting up around midnight (its so easy when you have one kid and they are still under 2), We woke up , had to wake Nash up and started opening presents by 7:30. Nash was so out of it--he didnt care about anything. However, he got a train table! and a ball pit from santa, new church clothes, and new shoes, candy, books, 4 different types of balls, a few stuffed animals, a new water bottle, and a "tar" just like his daddy's guitar.

Jace and I both got new water bottles and our favorite candies. I got him a chainsaw and surprised him with the old Batman cartoons we grew up with on DVD. He built me my mantle, got me a misfit (a generic fitbit lol), and a very delicate gold necklace.

I then got up and made biscuits (my first ever!) to take to breakfast at my parents.

My grandparents had this tradition of making all their kids and grandkids breakfast when they came over to open their presents on Christmas Day. After both my grandparents passed, my Uncle Gary has continued on that tradition with everyone pitching in. This year, he had all of his kids and grandkids under his roof for the first time in many years and decided that they wanted to be together just them.

SO. we had to revise our 20 year old tradition. I made the homemade orange juice (uncle gary was normally in charge of) and the biscuits (my aunt joyce was in charge of those). My mom and Dad did scrambled eggs and bacon, and hashbrowns I believe. It was delicious.

Then we opened presents. Jane could hardly contain herself she was so excited!! We went by person. As our family grows that will probably have to change, but it worked out. We gave jane a magnetized dolly dress up book (frozen of course!). We gave Samantha a stuffed kitty. We gave Randy and Joe the same matching shirts that said "World's okayest brother" HA! We gave Jeff and Melanie a photo book that I made of Samantha's first year (I did the same with Jane). We gave my parents a cute throw pillow with the names of the grandkids in the shape of a heart.

People were so generous to us. Joe gave us a gift card to Applebees and a babysitting coupon for a date night, Randy gave me a beautiful necklace, jeff and melanie gave me a giant clock to put above my new mantle!, mom and dad gave me a studio lighting kit for my photography business, got jace a skill saw!, and gave so many other fun things (knife sharpener, apron, books, etc). Nash was spoiled and got a musical car from grandma and papa, a musical plane from jeff and melanie, a mickey car from jane and sammie, and          from uncle Joe.

We cleaned up and went home for Nash's nap.

When he got up, we got ourselves over to the Hunts. :) We gave Jeff and Kara the same type of pillow as my parents, but they have 7 grandkids on there (including the newest 4 week old Asher). We had Jen and Ken this year and shipped all the presents up to Utah. Once they decided to come here they brought them with them, so we could see them open them. We got Calvin a couple of new books, Asher got a soft and silky blanket, we gave movie tickets and a family tree frame (complete with pictures already in it!!) to Jen and Ken. Then we opened gifts and people were very generous again. Nash got a blankie from nana and popa, a fire truck from his great grandma van (pretty sure...), a car from Gracie, a pillow pet dolphin from josh and jamie, and a pull along puppy from jen and ken (again, i'm pretty sure...). Kara made us a pretty Lion and Lamb plaque, grandma van gave us turtles and a fruit bowl, and jeff and mindy gave us cash. ;)

We spent a few hours there talking and holding Asher and then we left to go put Nash to bed. Over the next couple of days we spent more time with the Hunts as they were leaving and I finally started feeling better. It was exhausting, but all in all a good Christmas. Next year I think Nash will be more excited for it, and hopefully we arent sick again!

Picture overload about to commence. Starting at Christmas Eve to Christmas Day.

((i left my camera behind Christmas eve for the hunts. those photos are on my phone and i'm too tired right now to transfer them. i'll have to come back and do that)

I had pillows made for both grandmas. My mom's has a heart with the names "Jane, Nash, Samantha" over and over. Kara's has the same heart but with "Grace, Corbin, Aly, Alaric, Ryker, Calvin, Nash, Asher".

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  1. I haven't wrote our Christmas post either! Haha
    You have a beautiful family. Glad you had a great holiday. Nash is such a hansom little boy!


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