Monday, September 21, 2015

Breaking our hearts over here

Day 2.

Nash is SICK.

Vomiting, diarrhea, and fever close to 102.5

He is cuddling like nobody's business.

Making sad whimpering sounds.

Moaning and groaning every time he moves.

Its breaking our hearts to hear him like that.

He does NOT want to be alone, so he has been napping and sleeping with mommy in her arms in her bed.

The Tylenol and Motrin are containing the fever for the time being. If he can hold down the pedialyte and cherrios and dry toast we gave him tonight for dinner...then we wont take him to the doctor. Or if Tylenol stops containing the fever. Then we'll be going in. Funnily enough we are scheduled for his 18 month well check for Wednesday. This has happened the last two well checks. We end up there 2 or 3 days "early" because of illness and then cant get our shots until the next week. GAH.

Praying he feels better....and sleeps better....last night was rough. Although we are supposed to have a flooding storm tonight which means that I dont see sleep in our future.

((This picture was taken after attempt #2 of a nap and our 3rd dosage of Tylenol and 2 dosage of Motrin. I label it "how to tell that the medicine has kicked in".))

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