Wednesday, September 16, 2015


I'm trying to document my life right now.

Because one day i'm going to blink and my son is going to be 18 and graduated and on a mission.

And by that time I sure hope the other junk in my life is all worked out.

I'm hoping that by documenting things, i'll remember how blessed i am in my life.


Here are some favorite pictures i've taken recently :)...totally out of order of date taken. I'm too tired to fix it. :)

Cabin Labor Day 2015. This was his first time in a hammock and he loved it! 
Even after he fell out later)

He is so handsome!

Model status.

He has the best smile.

And loves his dad.

Goofy kid.

Uncle Randy's 37th Birthday.

Signing time crew! lol

Crazy Captain Jelly Beard!!

Sitting on the couch, eating fruit loops, watching little einsteins. 

Pleasant baby...

not so pleasant baby.



I dont get pictures of me with Nash often. I'm always the one taking pictures and it makes me sad. My SIL Melanie realized this and offered to take a quick picture for me. I look gross, but i'm THERE, you know? And I like to think that this shows that Nash loves me like he loves his dad.

Seriously, this kid is a disaster while eating. I think its because he knows that he'll get a bath out of it if he is dirty enough!


Corbin turned 7!

We had a going away party for my inlaws. Found the kids all playing in Nashs room. That has been a dream of mine forever.

Nash LOVES Alyssandra. Seriously.

That blur? Nash's great white shark. Ryker was obsessed!

lets spot the interesting thing in that picture...

That would be ONE of his great white shark crochet slippers....

Good times. xoxox

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