Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Crack up

Nash is a crack up.

He does some of the weirdest things. Sometimes they are funny, and others they are...not so funny.

Like today, I was in the laundry room. I was out of sight for 5 minutes and came in and he had stripped down, naked, and was sitting in his rocking chair.

Then 10 minutes later after I had gotten another diaper on, he asked to play on my "cell none {na-ohn}". PBS has some episodes available for kids to watch, and for the most part they are fine. He knows there are a few he is NOT allowed to watch. Calliou being one of them. He looked at me and said, "no calliou momma". Then he slowly got off the couch, and ran behind another couch and started watching calliou. Sneaky little kid. Phone privileges got taken away...which he handled as well as calliou. Which if you've seen that show for 5 seconds you know its not good. Freaking Calliou.

Nash has been extra emotional lately. He FINALLY is getting his last molar. Hallelujah. Teething is almost done ya'll!! However, its caused him to be a bit dramatic. The tantrums are epic. So epic that I either erupt in frustration or turn around to hide my laughter, because WHO DOES THAT?!

Nash loves to play in his uncle Joe's room. I mean it has a TV and an Xbox at his level. So when we go over there, nash runs back there and joe yells "my room!" and chases after nash. Nash now thinks its a game. Ha! Jokes on you joe. Now nash runs back there yelling "my room!!" and will shut the door behind him.

The messes are extraordinary. He is in destructo mode lately and its bewildering. At my parents house the other night he was tossing pillows everywhere and started to throw books. My mother got stern with him (which she never does) when she explained that we dont throw books. Nash looked at my mom like, "oh man. shes serious". And then proceeded to sing "clean up, clean up, every body every where"...while picking up that particular mess.

Nash is getting good at following directions while we help him pray. The funny part is that he will be slow and reverent during night time, but all bets are off for prayers over the food. He goes really fast and makes each word sound funny. WHERE DID THAT COME FROM!??! and Why!?

Our pest control company came out yesterday. The man who does our home has been doing my parents home for as long as I can remember. Nash followed him from room to room. When nash turned around, Dray was already gone and Nash yells, "WAIT!! come back!!!!" and then ran into every room until he found him. Hilarious.

Last night we went to my parents house. I was talking to my mom and dad and nash came running through saying, "papa!! i love you" and then ran away. It was adorable. 

This morning the garbage man came by. Nash heard the truck and said "oh! garbage. finally."

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