Friday, May 27, 2016

Because I'm sure to forget


"Whacha doo-ning?" (whatcha doing)

"Where ah you?!" (said with his hand by his mouth calling you)

"Where ya gonin'?" (where ya going)

"Tom and Jerry! and Mouse!" 
(He thinks that the cat is called "Tom and Jerry" and that Jerry is just a mouse)

"thats funny" (holding his hand over his mouth snickering)

"got my truck momma!"

"kitty needs go outside!" (his stuffed kitty needed to go swing on the swings apparently)

Nash answers "okay" to something...for instance: He brings you a cup and says "more fishies" and I'll say "you want more fishy crackers?" and he responds with "okay!" like it was MY idea to begin with.

" My Vacoom" (my vacuum)

"TV off, car, momma!" This is his signal and not so subtle way of telling me that he wants to go for a ride to see his gramma.

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