Saturday, May 28, 2016

Cabin Fever

Honest moment here.

I am on day 6 of some horrible sickness. It keeps morphing. First it was just my throat. It was so bad though, my doctor was most confident it was strep. Gave me antibiotics.

Next day I wake up so beyond achy that I barely got myself out of bed and was able to keep Nash alive. The congestion then set in.

Wednesday the sore throat went away and a deep cough set in. Now I cant breathe, have a cough, sneezing like crazy, and still achy.

Yesterday Nash was so over being in our home and not having mommy play with him. He literally grabbed my keys, said "car, gramma". So we went to see them before they left that day WITHOUT us on our vacation. :(  

Today I still feel like garbage. Cough, stuffy, headache, my throat hurts again (from coughing), and SORE. 

Nash isnt the only one with cabin fever though.

I saw something online a few months ago about a calming sensory bottle DIY. I had something similar, not for calming me down per say, but I remember loving watching that thing. So I bought a water bottle and some glue a month ago with every intention of making one for Nash.

This year has really kicked my booty. I am normally so organized and on top of things, it bugs people. Seriously. But this year has been all about surviving my life. I've found that I have had to let go of alot of expectations of myself because I literally cant find away around it in my head. I've done alot of good and stayed on top of the important things--I dont want it to sound like I've been stuck in a hole and i cant/havent been taking care of my home or my son. But things like crafting? That went right out the window when Jace's addiction came to light. It was an unnecessary thing that could potentially cause me MORE stress.

WELL, since i was stuck at home on my "vacation" and cooped up in my house...i stared at the water bottle and glue and just kicked myself. I knew it would be a fast project. So i did it. I made the sensory bottle. And it took 8 minutes. THATS IT. good grief. 

  • VOSS water bottle (it has the best shape/cap to do this with)
  • Elmers glue in CLEAR or sparkly
  • Warm water
  • Glitter (different kinds if desired)
  • Confetti shapes (i didnt have any on hand)
  • Food coloring (if you want/if you use CLEAR glue)
  • Super glue

  • I peeled the VOSS sticker off my bottle and cleaned it up.
  • Next I used 3/4 of a CLEAR bottle of elmers glue.
  • I filled the water bottle up to about an inch from the top with warm water.
  • Then i put in 4 drops of blue food coloring. 
::sidenote:: I was planning on using black glitter and so I should have gone a little easier on the food coloring. Maybe 2 drops would have been enough. My end color is darker than I wanted.
  • After I did the food coloring, I added my desired amounts of white, black, and silver glitter.
  • Put on cap tightly and SHAKE. ALOT.
  • I realized that I wanted more silver specks; so I put more in, put on the cap, and shook it again. 
  • It was what I wanted, so I took the cap off, super glued around the top of the bottle, and put the cap back on TIGHTLY. 
  • I waited an hour and gave it to my 2 year old.
  • He loves it.

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