Thursday, July 2, 2015

Dont want to forget...

Nash is growing and changing at such a rapid pace.

I thought he transitioned from newborn to baby quickly...the transition from baby to toddler is even faster!

He is such a busy boy. He is so curious. Always exploring. Always asking to read a thousand books. Wanting to watch his signing time. Wanting to go to grammas and see her and papa and the kitties. Wanting to jump in the pool. (which he does!) Asking for things correctly. Copying me, noises I make or hand gestures. Saying something over and over until he finally feels that he has said it correctly. Folding his arms by himself when we say its time for prayer and then saying Amen after.

The other day was a pretty frustrating one. Nothing was seeming to go right. I went to the bathroom for 1 minute. I could hear nash in the kitchen. I came out and see that he has taken papers that were on the counter and thrown them all around the room and was stuffing a few into the garbage can. So I clean that up and tell him that we dont do that. Then I needed to call Jace and talk to him about something with our mortgage. I was looking at a paper to give him a phone number when I looked to my left and nash has taken most of our kitchen garbage out and thrown it all over the floor--right before he was able to push the whole can over. CRAZY. So, as I was cleaning up THAT delightful mess, he walks over to our carport door, stands on his tippy toes....AND OPENS IT AND TRIES TO ESCAPE! Are you kidding me kid??

As frustrating as all that just reminded me that he is growing up. And while that is fun and exciting...I'm going to miss my little man. 

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  1. This is such a busy, busy time of their lives! And it gets really busy for Mom when they're especiallyenergetic... and creative. :) He is such a cutie!


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