Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Hunt Reunion 2015

This year we were able to not only attend my families 4th of July family reunion at the ranch, but also were able to go to the Hunt reunion in Utah for the first time in 4 years (i think...). It was pretty fun, because Nash is now super mobile and he wore shoes allowing him to go anywhere he wanted. It was pretty much heaven for him. Plus people brought puppies and dogs and their own little kids his age to play with (and steal toys from). Good times. 

I am very proud of Nash honestly. It was a 7 hour drive and he did better than I expected. He didnt sleep at all...because he's Nash. But he watched his baby signing time for almost half of the drive so it wasnt all bad. And while we were there he took lots of naps (super short naps, but lots of them) and he rolled with the punches for the most part. 

I love the extended Hunts so much and I was so happy to see them!! It makes me happy to be around family and feel like I belong. Here are a few pictures I took from that trip.



Alaric, Calvin, and Nash playing with blocks

Uncle Brian and Aunt Michelle

Jen and Calvin

Carissa and Levi

Chad, Elli, Aly, and puppy



Ed and Paxton

My handsome man

Ryker was being so photogenic

Brotherly Love. Corbin and Aly.

Jace and Levi

Matt, Logan, and Jace

4 generations of Hunt men. Grandpa, Papa, Jace, and Nash.

Ellie and Olive

Everyone gathered at the barn. 66 of us there?


I love this picture of Grandpa and Nash. (and Autumn in the back!)


Jen and Nash

Josh and Nash


Nana Kara and Nash

Nash and Katie

Calvin and Ken

Ken and Nash

Levi Dallin.

Nash, Aunt Lisa, Uncle Lyman, and Aunt Kim

Logan and Rosalice


Gracie and Nash

Papa Hunt and Nash

Nana, Calvin, and Nash

Ride 'em cowboy!



Uncle Phil

Aly and the dogs


Ryker man

Sammi and Addi

Aunt Tammie and Hayden

Tawny and Easton

Tiffany and Olive

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