Monday, June 16, 2014

My Birthday/Fathers Day!

June 15th 2014.

Father's Day. Also, my 27th birthday.

Last year, these occasions were pretty much ruined. The day before my birthday and 2 days before Fathers day we found out that our 5th IUI procedure had failed and we were not pregnant. It was a devastating weekend. In fact...we were trying to remember my birthday last year and we couldn't. It was so bad we literally had tried to forget it.

This year, both occasions were on the same day...and we were much much happier!

This year, we sat in church with our little Nash on our laps. It was good.

Jace bought me my fancy camera for Mother's day/my birthday...I added to it a camera case so I can take it places. Happy Birthday to me! My family was cute and made some signs (my mom to be exact!), and they gave me $ toward getting a tripod and remote for my camera, plus some new garments and a new apron for the temple. Simple and totally exciting to me.

Jeff and Melanie gave me a super adorable post with a welcome sign to go out by my front door. LOVE IT.

Jeff and Mindy were so sweet and gave us a date night!

And my in laws gave me a cute counter sized chalkboard/whiteboard. So fun!

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