Saturday, June 14, 2014

Cabin tine!!

So over Memorial weekend my family goes up to our Ranch typically. My brother Jeff offered to help my mom go a few days earlier than if she had to wait for my dad and his work schedule. Well, I was on maternity leave and so I decided to go up early with them as well! (Jace had work the same as my dad).

The weather was delightfully COLD!! I had packed some warmer clothes for nash, but not nearly enough!

Nash experienced his first long car ride...(2.5 hours)

He experienced his first change in altitude...

He experienced going and walking around in cooler/cold weather for the first time...

He experienced his first sprinkles as well!

Nash finally gained enough weight to fit the bjorn! We tried it out for the first time and it worked like a charm!! He loves the outdoors and the cabin is the perfect place to be outside!

He co-slept with me and he LOVES sleeping in big beds. 

We also celebrated Jace's birthday up there!

All in all, it was a super fun trip, although in my opinion too short!
 (Back home it was in the 100s....and we were sitting at 70 not fair!)

We also had a rough time on our way home...the change in altitude didnt go as well as it did the first time. We kept feeding him...which resulted in LOTS OF messy diapers. We finally pulled over and changed him... ON THE TOP OF THE TRUNK. Oh yeah...we were THOSE people...

We cant wait to go back up for the 4th of July and experience our first fireworks! Woo hoo!

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