Saturday, June 14, 2014

Nash's Blessing

Nash came a month early.

We decided to wait until he was at least 6 weeks old before we took him out really.
(he went to his grandparents houses and my doctor appointments as well as his own)

In our church instead of baptizing the baby, we give them a special blessing on the first Sunday of the month.

So, Sunday May 4th (Star Wars Day--Jace and his brothers LOVE that), Jace took our beautiful baby boy into his arms with his dad, my dad, his 2 brothers and my brother to bless him and give him his name.

It was a little chaotic to tell you the truth.

Nash was doing GREAT in the weight department from when we left the hospital, but he was STILL SO TINY. I was trying to find a white blessing outfit here for him to wear and I COULDN'T. Seriously. It was a nightmare. I went to 3 different malls--multiple stores in them. I went to 3 different christening places and baby boutiques. The only thing anyone had that MIGHT fit him was a sweater set! It was a hundred degrees! I was NOT putting my baby in that. So I was about to give up and just have the kid wear a white onsie. My mom remembered that she had my brother's blessing outfit in her cedar chest and I could try it if I wanted. We put it on Nash, and he had gained just enough weight to fit! MIRACLE!!! we had clothes.

Then there was the situation of my blood pressure. I was still on the medication they gave me right after Nash was born. It had done a good job at keeping my blood pressure lower and at bay. It was still higher than normal, and boy. I was still insanely swollen in my legs and feet. It also didnt help when I was stressed because I felt like my chest was going to explode.

Jace's family and my family all got there (it was my first Sunday back at church in a little over 2 months). We had all the kiddos there (Josh and Jamie's bunch takes a whole bench!) I was sitting next to the twins to help keep them quiet so we could hear the blessing. Too bad they didnt want me and only wanted their momma. That coupled with the fact that Jace was talking softly made it hard to hear what he was saying.

THANKFULLY! a week later we got a paper delivered to us. A couple in our ward had taken bullet point notes about what Jace blessed Nash with! It was so sweet, I totally started crying. 

"Nash Cameron Hunt
...We bless you with a healthy and strong body and mind...
...we bless you with a desire for education...
...bless you with a big heart and a desire to serve and help those around you...and to give service to your friends and family...
...we bless you to understand the gospel of the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and his mission and calling...
...take that to preach his gospel and serve a mission and touch the hearts of those you serve...
...We bless you to know how much you are loved by the Savior and your family."

((Thank you Vaterlaus'!!! You'll never know how much having this means to me!))

After the blessing and our meeting I had everyone go outside to take some pictures. We had a few people show up to show us some love other than our immediate family! Becky and Scott and their kids, Julie and Tommy and their girls, Carol and Karl, Ann and Pat, Chris and Angie (who is pregnant!), and Jimmy and Bre! We felt very loved.

Our family!!

In order of age: Grace (7), Corbin (5), Aly (4), Jane (2), Alaric and Ryker (1), Nash (6 weeks)

I wanted a pic with all of my nieces and nephews! Just missing Calvin in Utah and baby Samantha in her mommy's tummy still.

Grace has been dying to hold Nash, but he was still too tiny. I looked at her and said, "Hes big enough now, do you want to hold him for the picture?!" Her eyes lit up and said "Yes!" She is a great big cousin.

Our families! Missing Joe on his mission in Mexico and Randy at home, and Jen, Ken, and Calvin in Utah.

Papa, Mama, Nash, Mommy, Daddy, Pop, and Nana

My world.

Jace's sister Jen had a little boy 4 days before Nash was born. He got blessed the same day!! Little twinners.

Ken, Jennifer, and Calvin.

All in all, it was a great day. After all church meetings we had everyone over to my parents house to do dinner and hold "baby mash!" (My nieces Alyssandra and Jane call him 'Mash"...kinda adorable.) Thank you to everyone who made it special and have helped me with Nash among all of my health issues and his own! We love you!

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