Friday, August 8, 2014

a year ago today

A year ago today we found out the greatest news.

After years of trying, tests, surgeries, hormone injections, monthly procedures, and thousands of dollars...we got a call saying my blood test was positive.

We were going to be parents.

Today I am reminded how blessed I am.

I sure love my little man and honestly have a hard time remembering what I did before he was born.

Nash is the miracle we prayed for and my sweet little best friend.

(Im typing on my phone so these pictures are out of order, but they are of our 8 week ultrasound, the first positive pregnancy test ive ever had, Nash the morning he was born, Nash right after he was born, is at the cabin over the 4th of july, and the picture I took the day we found out we were pregnant. ..haha of my hair. Nice.

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