Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Things of note:


#2. I am so tired ALL. THE. TIME. Seriously. I yawn all through work and then I go home and fall asleep promptly at 9:30 or 10 PM.

#3. Work is good. Tiring, but good.

#4. Bath and Body Works foaming soap makes me happy. Especially Sweet Pea, Country Apple, and Sugar Lemon Fizz (also in the hand sanitizer). YUM!!

#5. Jace witnessed a horrible accident on Saturday of a guy on a motorcycle. I was right in front of him, and Jace was right behind him. Jace was super grateful that I wasnt in the accident and I was seriously relieved with I heard that Jace wasnt involved either. The poor guy (who is in our ward), the last we heard was stable. Thank the Lord. Seriously. Jace thought this man was dead at first...and then he was in surgery and breathing through a trake. A friend told us that he has a wife, 3 kids, and his wife is due any day with their 4th.

#6. Tomorrow is gonna STINK! I have work from 8am-5pm and then I have to go to a 2-3 hour CPR class starting at 6pm. Ugh.

#7. Joe is going through the temple on FRIDAY!!! I can hardly contain my excitement!!!

#8. Living in the Valley of the sun in the middle of the hottest part of the summer stinks...but when your A/C goes out in your car it makes it UNBEARABLE. Also, have i mentioned that my A/C has gone out?

#9. I need a new car.

and finally #10. We need a vacation. Something to look forward to, something to excite us, something that will get us AWAY for awhile. Ideas anyone?

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