Friday, July 12, 2013

Life Lately

I feel like I've been a bit MIA from my life.

No joke.

So this is going to be random...random things that have happened, random things that i've thought about. You know...random. Like my life.

  • Because of how sick I generally get with my medicine, I havent been to a Relief Society meeting in about 6 months. Basically I'm inactive. My Bishop came to check on me. It was funny, a tad embarassing, and sweet. When he realized that i'd been sick and WHY i've been sick, he was so sweet and left the sweetest blessing upon our home and upon Jace and me. LOVE that priesthood power.
  • My family totally went up to our ranch for almost 2 full weeks...WITHOUT ME! I'm honestly quite depressed. We couldnt even get up there for a weekend :(
  • I need a vacation. No lie. I'm having a hard time concentrating during the day because I'm day dreaming of going somewhere and doing something. ARG.
  • The reason we weren't/arent able to go anywhere is because of jobs. Stupid grown up jobs. So lame. (jace cant take any time off in July unless he is sick..legit sick and i'm brand new at my job so I cant take time off either)
  • Fertility...or rather infertility is always on my mind. ALWAYS. However this last month it wasnt at the front of every thought I had. And it was quite refreshing, to be honest.
  • I havent been on my hormone shot this month....and its been kinda nice to feel (mostly) in control of my emotions.
  • I'm STARVING. Like, all the time. My desk drawer at work is now filled with cereal bars. The problem is that they are too small and too delicious. I ate 2 yesterday (after I had lunch and before I went home).
  • I totally forgot my brother was home while his wife and daughter were up in the mountains with my family (he was only home for a few days though, to be fair) and he called last night wanting to do dinner together. So I made my grandmas Hawaiian meatballs. And they were devine. And while I'm sure he wanted to come see me and Jace and hang out...I think a larger motivation was the fact that there was absolutely nothing to eat at his house or at my parents house, that he could raid. LOL
  • I GOT A RAISE AT WORK! I've only been here a couple of months. It was nice to feel appreciated and have the validation that I've been killing myself trying to learn everything and get organized was WORTH. IT.
  • I'm so white. Seriously. Until last Saturday, I cant remember the last time my poor body has seen the sun. Yes. I live in Arizona and I'm super insanely PASTY. I'm working on it. Also, because of that fact, I resembled a lobster for the better part of 5 days after I laid out for an hour and a half. NICE.
  • Friday's are kinda the best. I get to wear jeans and a tshirt to work.
  • This week has gone by SO. S.L.O.W.L.Y. 5 PM today can not come soon enough.
  • I love wearing my birthday watch from Jace. However he got a link taken out of it before he gave it to me and its just a little too tight. I'm never by a fossil store either so I cant get them to put the stupid link back in.
  • Have you guys ever jumped over to before?? Every Friday she has "this is how i feel..." and its awesome. and makes me laugh. Go, and view. You wont be sorry.


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