Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Our Journey Part 16

This 2 week wait was LONG.

All of them have been. I guess it shouldn't be a surprise anymore when we lose patience.

However, I had something to take my mind partially (a very very very small  part) off of the wait.

I was contacted by this company to come in and interview for an office position. The pay is better and way more hours than at the jewelry store...and we had been praying for something to change to help our financial situation. I don't want to write the whole story of that here, i'll save it for another time... but I went and interviewed and the offered me the position. It was an answer to our prayers. So i put in my 2 weeks notice 4 days after the IUI.

I started working there for a few hours a day after Gunnell's, so my days were pretty eventful. I was learning a ton and had so much to focus on that I wasn't really spending all my time thinking if I was pregnant or not.

However, my 2 week wait ended...and I went and got my blood drawn.

It was a SLOW day at their office.

My Doctor apparently had a family emergency, so they canceled all his afternoon appointments.

I didn't realize that that meant that I would be getting my blood test results back in 2 hours.

The call surprised me...caught me off guard.

But what the nurse said caught me even more off guard.

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