Tuesday, July 10, 2012

one of the more embarrassing moments i've had...

i could probably write a whole  book about my embarrassing moments.

not even joking.

my journal can attest to this.

i've decided to "share" some of my "favorites".

and when i say favorites i mean, "at the time, i felt like i was going to die...and i'm trying to grow from these experiences"...


All of my friends were trying out for 9th grade cheer. I was not. It wasn't my thing. But i said that I'd help them with their moves. One of them was to be held up by a couple of boys with the girls doing other stuff in front of me. Troy and Ted were the big, strong boys...and things were going great. Until my spotter in front of me disappeared.  No lie. And it wouldve been okay, except one of the boys didnt have a good grip on me. And down i went. On my head. On the ground. And i blacked out for a few min. And that is how i got my first concussion.

My first two black eyes (yes, i have had more than 2) were from totally lame reasons and completely self inflicted. Yes. You read that right. My first was when i was 8 years old. We had just moved into our "new" home and i wasnt used to the turns it took to get back to my room. I woke up in the middle of the night to the tv on in the family room. When i got there my dad was watching tv and told me to get back to bed. So i set off at a jog (dont ask me why, i have no idea) and ran smack dab into the corner of the wall. OUCH.
My second black eye was when i was 11. It was my first trip anywhere without my parents. I was at EFY all the way in Provo Utah. I had a hanging suitcase that my mom made me bring that had a GIANT hook on the end. I was trying to carry it all the way to my dorm by myself and wacked myself in the eye. Resulting in a HUGE black eye for the entire week at EFY. And seeing as i was still too young for makeup, i have a nice shiner in all of my pictures.

My first official ticket was not in car. Oh no. That would be too normal and not as embarrassing. Instead i was 14 and on a wave runner on the lake in my grandparents backyard. I was underage, even though i was following all of the rules of the water perfectly. Resulting in a hefty ticket for my grandpa who i was staying with. But as i like to remind my Grandpa Lee...i WAS wearing my life jacket so i did get that free ice cream cone from DQ. My grandpa now refers to me as "The Fellon".

My best friend is awesome. I love Katie. I also love that she had "fallen" for this super cute guy she passed at ASU all the time about 4 years ago. Never mind the fact that she didnt know who he was, and had never talked to him at all. She was smitten. And turned all out creeper. Like, sneakily taking a picture of him on her phone to send to me. Like, making up names for him. Like positioning herself before her class, to where she would run into him creeper. And i thought it was AWESOME. Seriously. So i made her a deal. I would go to campus and she would point him out and i would approach him and make him take a fake survey that i had made up--that got all the good info we needed (ie, was he single? how old was he? what was his major? did he like girls that made the first move?) And after i made him take his survey i would leave, give her a thumbs up or down and she would walk up to him and give him her number. YOU GUYS. i actually did this! But katie got nervous and didnt stick to the plan and walked up before i was done. And then turned around after giving him her number and RAN AWAY. Leaving me there standing with him, after she just said that it was a sham. And do you know what i did? I said, "that concludes the survey, thank you for your time." yeah. that was crazy.

Admit it. You are scared to hear this one. I had gained some weight, thanks to my PCOS, and had a pooch. Jace and i ran into an old friend from jr high days at Christmas time. She was so excited to see us and that we had gotten married. THEN in slow motion (or so it seemed), she looked down at my pooch (i had only gained 15 pounds) and touched my belly and giggled her excitement that i was expecting to soon. Enter mortification here. I was too shocked to say anything, and she was then pulled away. I looked at Jace and asked if that really happened? He assured me it did, and voiced his comment "I thought girls were supposed to be smarter than that? Like its an unwritten rule, right?" I died.

This now concludes this session of "Andrea's embarrassing Moments". Trust me, there are plenty more if you haven't had your fill yet. :)

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