Friday, July 27, 2012

Getting Serious.

Haha, the last post was about "getting real" and this post is labeled "getting serious". People are going to think that i've forgotten how to have fun or how to be more on the care-free side. Dont worry everyone. I havent!

I have been "getting serious" about my weight. I have taken to making most of our meals, making them with healthy substitutes, making only enough for one serving for me and jace, making sure we have fruits and veggies with our dinner and salads!, making sure i dont buy anything that is labeled "junk food" (we have no crackers, no candy, no soda, no munchies whatsoever in our home on a regular basis, only on occasion), and i have been counting calories like theres no tomorrow.

and ladies and gentlemen...thanks to my PCOS i gained weight.

So. Jace and I are going to try something a bit...extreme if you will. I'll fill you in on the details if it actually works for us. I wont keep you completely in the dark though, i may have a post that mentions how sore i am, or how much weight i've lost (if its any). And i'm hoping that by Christmas, Jace and I will be much better, healthier versions of ourselves.


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