Monday, July 30, 2012

Personal Olympian

So. The 2012 Olympics are going on right now in London. 

You already knew that, unless you live under a rock.

and even then, I'm pretty sure you would know.

But what you didnt know was that i have a friend that is in the olympics.

Yeah, you heard me. And not just some girl from my hometown that i'm claiming is a friend.

She grew up in my ward.
I taught her a class in Young Womens.
I was closer in age to her sister kylie.
I lived around the block from her.
I bought her moms pizza dough every Friday for like 6 months.

BREEJA LARSON is MY PERSONAL OLYMPIAN. I am so proud of her!! She did wonderfully and hopefully in 4 more years she'll be able to medal. She caused an ENORMOUS upset when she beat Soni in her event in Omaha. She's AMAZING!!

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