Friday, July 13, 2012

New things on the Horizon...

It never EVER seems like anything is new with me and jace.

we get up in the morning, go to work, i try and make dinner, we clean up, we watch our "stories" (any tv show we like, jace has now started to call stories, like soap operas. geez.), and then we go to bed and do it all again.

but i forget that there are little changes here and there, new things that we have discussed that will change or impact our lives in some way.

jace is interviewing for a promotion at the end of the month/beginning of august. his boss' have already said that he is doing extremely well and they "have plans for him". we are excited because of the pay increase. because if i continue working, most of my income can go towards paying down our debt and increasing our savings.

we are also excited for the promotion because it will be a jumping point for other career paths at wells fargo. can i just tell you how happy i am that my husband has finally found his niche? he really loves wells fargo and the opportunities they have. he is really interested in advancing his career to their insurance division (since he was an insurance agent). i love that hes happy and feeling productive. it also helps that he loves the people he works with.

we have a ginormous goal of paying off our debt and getting pregnant in the next year.

we are switching our health insurance up in the next month or so, and that should be a giant stepping stone to helping us have a baby.

we have decided that we love our apartment. it really feels much more like a home than an apartment. we have also decided that we are comfortable living here and saving up for a house later on. and since then we are re-arranging and fixing the apartment to really work for us.

i'm trying to get a wall sink put in, so my clients dont have to hang their heads into our shower.

i'm contemplating getting another part time job, in tandem with my job at the jewelry store and doing hair.

i've decided on a color, and we are going to be painting our home...sometime in the near future!

while not much goes on in the day to day, there ARE new things coming up in our lives and big decisions to make, and we are excited.

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