Monday, July 16, 2012

Andrea's Mailbag!

Dear Rain:
You may stay. Humidity, there's the door. Let it hit you on the way out.
Andrea's Frizzy Hair

Dear Crockpot:
You beautiful thing you. My roast was divine. Thanks.
Happy and Full Stomache and Delighted Tastebuds

Dear QT:
Your ice is helping to take me to my happy place.
Its Too Dang Hot and Humid

Dear Spiders that are lurking outside:
I know i keep destroying your homes...but could you please not launch your attack on me in my house? I'm barely keeping up with you outside.
Me and my Broom

Dear Inventors of the Recliner aka Edward Knabusch and Edwin Shoemaker:
You are my heroes. You lazy men you.
Fellow Lazy Person

Dear Future Children:
You will never wear/own socks.I'm sorry. I can barely keep up with your future daddy's dirty ones. ALL OVER MY HOUSE.
Your Mom--haha :)

Dear "Youths" that stole my Bob Worsley signs from my yard:
"How dare you". (If you can guess what TV shows the word and phrase are from you get a gold star)

Dear any Candy that comes Individually Wrapped:
You are no longer welcome in my home. You fail to throw yourself away and apparently Jace cant throw you away either. You are taking up residence on my tables and couches without even the courtesy of paying rent. YOU. ARE. BANNED!
Not yo' maid

Dear Veggies:
Taste better. I need to eat more of you. Kthanksbye.
Fruit Lover

Dear Self:
You volunteered to sing with your mom in her ward yesterday. You know how nervous you get performing in front of others. You wacko. Its a good thing it went smoothly.
Your Surprised Self

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