Friday, June 29, 2012

Pictures of the Past

Last night, Jace and I, watched a slideshow of pictures from my Grandpa Lee on our Xbox.

We sat there for almost an hour.

And laughed at some pictures--my dad's old hairstyles and crazy long sideburns.

My dad ALWAYS has made faces in pictures.

We realized that my uncle Brian was a super cute baby.

My Grandma Flo had about a million different hairstyles through the years.

We looked for similarities in facial features in my great-grandparents and were trying to see if I inherited some of them.

My mom and dad look just like they did when they were our age--just a little bit older and more tired. (which, they deserve! raising 4 kids, one with special needs, going through TONS of their own health problems, and surviving cancer...yeah, they deserve to look a little more tired.)

I realized that i am so grateful for my ancestors. They are MY past. Jace looked at one of my parents wedding pictures, and looked at me and said, "this is where YOU began...this is the beginning of YOU."

Life is amazing, isn't it?

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