Saturday, June 23, 2012


I know that I talked about my disappointment with people a couple of posts back labeled "Advice"...

But in the last 2 days i have heard even more awful things said to other people, or done to other people.

Did you guys hear about that poor bus monitor who was tormented by those kids on the bus??

My friend is 30 weeks pregnant...and going through really hard stuff. They found out the baby has a major heart problem. And people, who don't know her or what shes going through, comment on how fat she is, how lazy she is, and how it looks like she "ran out of laundry and rolled out of bed".

Seriously, people?

And then, of course, there is me. My experience with that teenage boy a few days ago.

I've seen people comment on innocent and fun pictures, and turn them into something dirty and unnecessary.

Or purposefully "misunderstand" what you are saying, or trying to say, and make it either dirty, or mean and offensive. 

I dont get it.

Why? Why, do people feel the need to do this to people? Honestly, my hormones are everywhere, and I'm prone to feel deeply for other people who get their feelings hurt, but I've been in TEARS for days because of all the ugly going on in our world.

And there is just so much ugly, so much hatred, so much violence. Why do we feel the need to add to it?

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