Friday, June 8, 2012

Last Month in Instagrams

a. decorations for Jace's 25th birthday! blown up 1987 quarters and funny signs!
b. Joe was the baby whisperer. 
c. my mom and joes birthdays!! we went out to dinner to their favorite restaurant.
d. jace's cousin logan got married to rosalice up in utah! jace was the best man, and we were in charge of driving the groom up there. we drove ALL night long.
e. i crossed one more thing off my 25 before 25 list...i watched the sun rise.
f. it rained alot while we were in Utah.
g. on our way home from Utah we stopped at the cabin. it was awesome.
h. we kinda love NCIS.
i. i love my luggage.
j. went to see avengers with both families..."and then shwarma?"
k. jane finally wore the suit we bought her and went swimming for the first time!
l. its gotten really hot. blah.
m. i am offering specials on facials this month!
n. uncle ross gave us his tickets for a dbacks game! right behind home plate and in the 6th row? yeah, i could get used to that!
o. my ring is pretty. i like looking at it.
p. P. SHURMAN (42 Wallaby Way, Sydney). YEAH. that actually happened.

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