Tuesday, June 12, 2012

25 before 25

my birthday is on Friday! holla!!!

and...I'M GOING TO DISNEYLAND! so excited. 

so in case i don't have time to post...

i wanted to let you all know where i have ended up standing on my 25 before 25 list...

       25 Before 25

1.     Readand FINISH Atlas Shrugged
2.    Play in the rain with Jacetake pictures
3.    MOVE
4.   Do a Super Secret Act of Kindness
5.    Import all cds to itunes
8.    Ride a horse
9.    Celebrate a "made up" holidaydressing up or decorating included!
10.           Make at least 5 crafts I have always wanted to (ornament wreath, memo board, ,refinish coffee table, make a little girls tu-tu, and booklet for Jace)
11. Enjoy an Arizona sunrise
12.            Literally stop and smell the roses...appreciate their beauty!
13.           Make my grandpas peach jam with my mom
14.           Lose 20 pounds!
15.            Have at least 5 new clients for pause
16.           cook homemade meals for 2 weeks straight
17.            Do something that Im scared to do
18.           Buy a better camera and make sure to take pictures!
19.            Catch upto date! on my scrapbooking
20.          Start an annual Christmas party
21.            Learn how to use my sewing machine!
22.           Buy a new car
23.          Plant a garden
24.          Go to Disneyland
25.         Take nieces and nephew(s) on a birthday date!

Not too shabby! I've also retained 4 new clients...so i'm close there. And i did take Gracie on her birthday date, but i'm lame and have yet to take Corbin or Aly. 

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