Sunday, December 29, 2013


I woke up Christmas morning SICK.

Not as sick as I have been in previous Christmas'...but sick nonetheless.

Turns out it was the year of sickness this Christmas.

Jace's whole family save him and his sister and her husband got sick.

4 of the 5 nieces and nephews have pneumonia.

In my family, the only one really sick other than me was my niece Jane. I've been staying clear of them because Randy gets sick so easy.

Now, me? Pregnant women cant really take much medicine. So I had to wait till the 26th and I called my OB to ask what they wanted me to take. Their suggestion? Anything with Tylenol. BOO.

So for the next 5 days I have been taking my Tylenol cold and flu medicine every 4 hours like clockwork. Saturday I got way worse. I added a humidifier (which hasnt been working) and vicks vapor rub. My symptoms changed and got a little worse today. I cant really breathe which in turn cant be good for the baby. My OB's office opens tomorrow and I'll call and see what they say...I'm getting super nervous because instead of getting better, I'm getting worse.

And when I tried to take a warm shower to help me breathe, we discovered that our hot water is out. WHAT?

Oh an in other news the promotion that Jace interviewed for--the one they made him think he was going to get?? They sent a generic email saying he didn't get it :(

And while I have lots of great things going for me: the pregnancy, feeling Nash move, a great husband who  thankfully isn't sick, I have a comfortable home, and a good job (if I'm ever healthy enough to get back to it), and a lovely family.

Sorry for complaining...I know I have it good. I'm just sick and tired of being sick and tired. Also, I'm getting really worried the longer I'm sick.

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