Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Only half way

Today I realized that I'm only half way through this week.

Its only Wednesday.

I have felt sick since Monday.

I have been grouchy since Sunday.

I have had a sore back since 2 weeks ago.

I have also been screamed at and cussed out 3 times in 3 working days.

I have cried to my mom, my brother, and my husband once each.

I have drowned my sorrows in a liter (yes, dont judge) of pepsi.

I miss my brother Joe and dont get to talk to him for another 2 weeks.

I also dont get to see my baby boy again until after the new year.

I'm so over this week, and yet...I'm only half way.

Bah hambug.

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  1. :( :( :(
    I hope you start feeling better! Everything is so much harder to deal with when you're pregnant, so just know that there are so many people who love and care for you!


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