Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Its no secret that I've been struggling the last few months.

Struggling in the fact that Jace's career is taking much longer to jump start than anticipated. the fact that I'm not doing ANYTHING related to my chosen career. the fact that we don't like our apartment and need to move. the fact that sickness is inevitable this time of year. the fact that we cant get a home of our own. the fact that we cant have a baby. the fact that both our families are going through tough times and i feel the weight of them as if they were my own.

cue perspective.

Life is a trial out of God's presence.
Where would the growth come from if we didn't have to go through tough times?
How would we know how to get down on our knees and plead for help from a loving Heavenly Father?
How would we learn to ask for help, forgiveness, compassion, understanding, and strength?
How would we learn to rely on others?

I'm not the greatest at asking for help. And it is SOOO easy to get bogged down with the nitty- gritty, the everyday woe's...everything!

I realized that I'm not doing enough on my part. I need to put my trust in the Lord and that all will work out the way it needs to.

For NOW:
I promise to make the best of my situation.
i HAVE a home, plenty of food, clothes on my back and way too many in my closet, and more than adequate transportation.
i have a job.
i have a loving husband.
i have a great family.
i have adorable nieces and a of which is a newborn <3
i have a loving Heavenly Father.
i have the knowledge of the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.


  1. I know it's not always easy, but I'm glad you were able to find the best in your situation. I love you a lot and hope things start looking better for you guys soon! (We really do need to hang out sometime...)

    OH! And we got your Christmas card in the mail! Thanks for thinking of us!

  2. you have meee :) I love you sooooo much! I swear when I finally meet you I'm going to run up to you and just hug you for 16 straight minutes.


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