Wednesday, November 16, 2011

its all about choices

So Jace and I had a fast courtship...2 months till we got engaged and 4 more till we got married. In today's standard that's insane. be it.

the engagement was fast for me, but the wedding couldn't have come sooner. once i made the decision to move forward, dang it! i wanted to move forward!

Anyways...there were some nights where we just sat outside and asked each other questions. What was our fav color (mine is blue, his is green), fav breakfast food (both of us prefer french toast, scrambled eggs, and bacon!), place we wanted to go to the most (its IRELAND for both of us!) fav animal (mine is either a great white shark or a flamingo, and his is a bear (koala to Kodiak) ...etc.

After we got married we decided to write up a list of things every couple should ask each other. Amazingly enough such tiny differences really can make it or break it for someone! I know that sounds ridiculous, but i've talked to a few people about it and they are they ones that told me that! In my head...if i really liked/loved the person, not one of these things would make me break up with them or assume that the relationship would be a dud or too hard to accommodate both choices.

We wrote our first list about a year ago...and lost it. So last night we started a new list...its not done, but here it is! Enjoy.

AND i would love to hear what your answers are to these! Comment and let me know!

Jace and I dont match up on alot of them. LOL

1. Pepsi or Coke

2. Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip

3. Creamy or Crunch peanut butter

4. Mountains or Beach

5. City or Small town

6. Winter or Summer

7. Nsync or Backstreet Boys

8. xbox or playstation

9. Firm or Soft Mattress

10. Liberal or Conservative

11. Fruit or Vegetables

12. Public or Private Schools

13. Hot or Cold (weather)

14. Boneless or Regular Wings

15. Cats or Dogs

16. Team Angelina or Team Jen

17. DC or Marvel

18. Halo of Call of Duty

19. Nuts or No nuts (in desserts)

20. Team Sparkle or Team Heartbeat (Edward or Jacob)

21. Board Games or Video Games

22. Hugs or Kisses

23. Diamonds or Gemstones

24. Applebees or Chilies

25. Brittney or Christina

26. White or Yellow Gold

27. Travel or Homebody

28. Winter or Summer Sports (snowboarding/wakeboarding, etc.)

29. Football or Baseball

30. Mattas or El Charro (if you are not from wont have an answer on this one)

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